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Barbados Tropical Waters
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Holidays At Home 2014

Taking your holidays in the UK is now a fast growing trend. Today more people are taking a UK holiday in addition to their main overseas holiday. The campaign with our beloved Wallace & Gromit are leading the way across the UK on their very own holidays, so there is a good chance you could spot them on your travels. 

Travel Agents Exclusive 

So why take a holiday in the UK?

  • Without the need to fly, you can relax much more and enjoy the scenery, taking the opportunity to explore the area you are visiting.
  • Not having to fly also saves precious holiday time, saves money by avoiding extravagant air fares and taxes and takes away the stress of flying. 
  • Staying in the UK means you don't have to worry about travel documents.
  • It negates the need to have foreign currency and you do not need to have cash in advance as you can access your cash more easily from the hundreds of ATMs and banks across the UK
  • Medical attention is not a concern as you are able to be treated free of charge under the NHS anywhere in the UK
  • You can bring as much or as little luggage as you like as you can easily purchase items and there is no limit to what you can bring - except to the extent of family size travelling and vehicle capacity.
  • The weather may not be all sunshine, but there are lots of holiday offers where you can have as much fun indoors as well as out.
  • Can access destinations by either car, train or ferry at a reasonable cost - avoiding the huge taxes that are included on some flights
  • You can travel at your own pace without too much concern about missing flights, as if you did miss a train you could usually get on the next one! 
  • Ideal for short durations holidays and great value if only staying a weekend or a few days mid-week.
  • Great deals with up to 20% discount on many holidays available only through via travel agent.
As with all travel, it is highly recommended you always take out holiday insurance for protection in the event of problems or changes that might arise either before or during the holiday that affect you going on holiday.

To provide you with great holidays in the UK we work with a number of companies such as;
Haven Holidays 
Warner Leisure 
Butlins Holidays
For a Superbreak  and any other holidays from the above companies, give us a call to discuss the latest offers and deals.