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Thursday, 23 January 2014

European Health insurance Card - EHIC

EHIC -European Health Insurance Card

What is an EHIC?
This is also known as the European Health Insurance Card and it provides state health care assistance for holiday makers or persons visiting another EEA country on a temporary basis. What it provides is necessary medical assistance required for the duration of your stay.
What is necessary medical treatment?
The doctor who tends to you will determine the extent of this necessary treatment. Your EHIC does not allow you to receive private care. Tip- Make sure when you request medical assistance you check that the doctor is a state doctor otherwise you will end up paying for his attendance.

Do I have to pay for treatment when using my EHIC?
Any treatment you receive will be provided on the same terms as it is for nationals of the country you are in. So if a national has to contribute towards their prescriptions, then so will you.

Does one card cover the whole family?
No. Each person will be required to have their own.

How do I get an EHIC?
You will need to apply for this from you National Heath Service provider of the country you normally reside in?

How much does it cost?
To obtain a card is free.However, you should be aware that there are online agencies who will charge a fee to obtain this for you. Surprisingly they claim to check the application that you will have made online . It is can be obtained free

If you find yourself in an emergency during your visit in Europe dial 112. The European emergency number is valid all in all EU/ EEA member states and is free of charge. You can use it to reach emergency services such as ambulance or police from any telephone or mobile phone free of charge.

If you need to use your EHIC, remember to bring your passport and EHIC with you.
Always remember that you must take out appropriate travel insurance  for the duration and type of holiday you have planned.
To apply for your EHIC and for more details you may visit

I hope this has provided some useful information for you to consider as you plan your next holiday. When you visit the link, don't forget to select the country that you normally reside in to get the pertinent information. 

Annette Beckford